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A close-knit team committed to setting new industry standards in creative visuals for our clients.

Meet Our Team

Jon Velasquez
Founder/Creative Director

As the founder and creative director of TMPL Studio, Jhonatan crafts captivating narratives. His decade-plus expertise breathes life into content ranging from fashion to commercials to music videos, always with a keen eye for art direction. At tmpl, his leadership propels the team to innovate and inspire in the realm of visual design and storytelling, no matter the medium.

Jon is most likely to

  • cry while watching a (volvo) commercial
  • have new hair each time you see him
  • have a midday bath

Kenzie Korzan
Creative Strategist

Kenzie Korzan brings to tmpl Studio a dynamic blend of business acumen and creative strategy, informed by her education in Music Business/Management from Berklee College of Music and Arts Entertainment and Media Management from Capilano University. She excels in orchestrating innovative projects and initiatives, leveraging her skills in marketing, team leadership, and strategic communication. Kenzie's role at tmpl is instrumental in crafting compelling narratives that connect with diverse audiences, driving the studio's mission to deliver standout creative solutions.

Kenzie is most likely to...

  • not pack a lunch
  • take a gardening  break
  • have lost her glasses
Josh Ryall
Content Producer

As a pivotal member of the TMPL Studio team, Josh Ryall serves as a key Content Producer, instrumental in orchestrating the foundation of our content initiatives. Leveraging his comprehensive expertise spanning across audio and media production domains, Josh plays an indispensable role in translating conceptual visions into compelling, high-impact media endeavours. His adeptness in crafting immersive experiences ensures that our content captivates and deeply resonates with diverse audiences.

Josh is most likely to...

  • quote an obscure meme
  • be listening to mid-2000s pop punk
  • pack a lunch