Innovators in Problem-Solving.
At TMPL, innovation isn't just about the next big idea—it's about crafting real solutions to real problems. We started with a belief: each challenge is an opportunity for innovation, an opening to new possibilities.
When a client partners with us, we immerse ourselves in understanding the unique problems they face. Our approach combines research and insight with boundless creativity — a fusion that drives everything we do.
We Call It – 'Informed Imagination.'
Meet our Team of Problem Solvers
We are a group dedicated to impact - strategic thinkers, creative visionaries, and all-around good people.
With TMPL Studio, it's not just about services—it's about solutions. It's not just about problems—it's about potential.
Jhonatan Velasquez
Mackenzie Thalia
Strategic Lead & Account Manager
Josh Ryall
Content Producer
Krizia Paula Dela Cruz
Content Producer
Our Core Values In Action
We develop solutions that perfectly align with our client’s goals. Imagination ensures that their brand stands out, driving engagement and setting them apart in the modern landscape.
We seek the difference where it matters most – in results that propel our client’s brand forward. Every strategy we craft is a step towards elevating their business, enhancing their presence, and driving deeper engagement with their customer.
We craft solutions that speak directly to our client’s customers’ needs and desires. This empathetic approach ensures that strategies are not only effective but also resonate on a personal level, fostering stronger connections and loyalty.
We don’t fear change, continually evolving to stay ahead of trends and market shifts. Our adaptability means our client’s brand is always at the forefront, leveraging the latest technologies and insights to maintain a competitive edge.
Let's Bring Your Visions To Life.