Lock & Mortice

Designed For Moments

Connecting Values

Lock & Mortice creates solid wood furniture that welcomes the passage of time. They design and build products of enduring relevance and utility. After our successful collaboration on their space at the Interior Design Show Vancouver, they invited us to create a film that portrayed the essence of their values at L&M.

Visualizing Moments and Nature

The film focused on the interplay between nature's vast beauty and its minute details, mirroring the precision and care in Lock & Mortice's creations. We prioritized the presence of nature and humanity, shifting our narrative focus seamlessly between outdoor grandeur and intimate indoor settings, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between nature, humanity, and the functional beauty of furniture within these spaces.

Moments shape Us Romanced by the wind Warmed by the sun’s kiss Connected by it’s embrace Anticipating it’s touch Captivated by it’s beauty Moments of joy and laughter Season by season Sculpted by time Gently held Forever embraced