Lock & Mortice

Lock and Mortice have repeatedly shown that their market relevance is more than the beauty found in their work. It isn’t just their dedication to design solely beyond aesthetics and trends, but a pursuit of designing meaningful experiences. We were approached by the L&M team to help imagine their installation for The Interior Design Show Vancouver. The first step was to develop a narrative by understanding who our audience was and what emotions we wanted to evoke in them as they experienced the space.

Services Provided
Creative Strategy
Art Direction
Peaceful Escape

Through discovery and visual research we decided to create a space of peaceful escape. The vision became a luxurious lake house that wasn’t just planted on top of its natural environment, but integrated into it. The challenge was now to balance the contradictory worlds of sprawling nature and precise craftsmanship.

Lighting the Way

A pivotal element to our solution was utilizing light. Guided by our goal of a minimalist space, we traded multiple light fixtures for the comfort of sunlight. The illusion of an open skylight allowed us to reinforce our narritve while providing a beautiful solution to guiding the viewer’s eye towards the Deka Console.

Wild Harmony

Now that the space was surrounded by nature, nature had to be brought into the space. We had to create a bold sense that the natural world was growing into the lake house, living harmoniously with the decor rather than competing for the viewers attention. La Bomba Floristry provided lush, local florals steeped in reds, pinks, and oranges, acting as a captivating accents to L&M’s furniture.

The Reception

Guests found themselves gravitating towards the booth, resulting in hundreds sharing the space on social. Many shared that the space was a highlight of the conference.

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