Lock & Mortice
Designed for Moments

One of the aspects we truly appreciate about Lock & Mortice is their commitment to their values, which are deeply ingrained in their company culture. Drawing inspiration from their values of sustainable craftsmanship, simplicity, and appreciation for the passage of time, we embarked on creating an exciting new visual campaign for them. During the ideation process, our goal was to establish a link between the thoughtful design found in nature and how it beautifully structures and enhance its surroundings. We aimed to mirror this concept in the content, aiming to foster a sense of connection within the environments the characters inhabited.

Services Provided
Creative Strategy
Video Content
Designed for Moments Script

Moments Shape Us
Romanced by the wind
Warmed by the sun’s kiss
Connected by it’s embrace
Anticipating it’s touch
Captivated by it’s beauty
Moments of joy and laughter
Season by season
Sculpted by time
Gently Held
Forever Embraced

Micro & Macro

The shots highlight both the sweeping grandeur of nature and its intricate, gritty details. This approach reflects the inspiration nature provides for Lock and Mortice products, where meticulous attention to detail culminates in a stunning end result.

Home & Nature

To enhance the effectiveness of the campaign, we prioritized the presence of nature and humanity, diligently shifting our focus depending on whether we were shooting inside or outside. When filming outdoors in natural settings, we presented nature as the main character. Conversely, when filming inside the home, we kept the furniture visible, but allowed the people to take centre stage, connecting the ongoing story between nature, humanity, and the role that furniture plays within it.

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